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Localization Services

Localization is not just translation of existing text. It also includes technical tasks such as software engineering and testing. More importantly, it involves the ability to present concepts in a way that enables them to successfully bridge cultural and linguistic divides. Successful localization results from a combination of translation skill, technical expertise, the proper perspective that ensures compatibility with the target market, and timely delivery to ensure the timing for market entry.

For each localization project, B-Sprout puts together the ideal team for that project and provides comprehensive support in the following areas.

Project management
          • Scheduling of localization projects
          • Progress reports and management and notification of problems
          • Use of existing translation assets using Trados (including analysis and consulting)

          • Software building
          • File management
          • Dialog resizing

Testing / QA
          • Function testing and compatibility checks
          • Localization verification
          • Usability testing

          • User interface elements (strings, dialogs, menus, error messages)
          • User support documentation (online help and printed materials)

          • Conversion of single-source, multiuse documents
          • DTP / compiling
          • Localization of screen shots and other graphics

Document verification
          • Compatibility verification for document content and software operation
          • Expert verification of the quality of the document as a target language document

Localization Services

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